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Firefighting & Emergency Medical Services Experts


Emergency Services Consultants provide interactive and in-depth firefighting and EMS education courses, seminars and lectures for continuing education purposes so that firefighting and EMS personnel can enhance their knowledge and skills. Our course offerings are based on real-world experiences and challenges that firefighting personnel and first responders face every day on the job. Learn safe emergency vehicle driving techniques, standards of care, firefighting operational procedures, leadership skills and how to make critical decisions when it matters most.


Emergency Services Consultants provide training to firefighting and EMS personnel who are at the beginning stages of their careers; first responders who are looking for a refresher and supervisors who can utilize training in new areas to pass down to their staff. We also provide First Aid, CPR/AED and blood borne pathogen courses for businesses and industries. Proper firefighting, EMS, First Aid and CPR/AED training is essential to quick thinking and being able to effectively respond to an emergency or crisis.

Firefighting & EMS Expert Witness

Emergency Services Consultants are firefighting and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) expert witness industry leaders. We have been qualified as a firefighting and EMS expert witness in 30 states across the country for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. Through our firefighting and EMS experience, education and research methods, we will provide you with clear and precise information and effectively communicate that through technical reports, presentations, deposition assistance and expert testimony.

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