Emergency Medical Services Expert Witness

When you need an EMS expert that is experienced and effective, choose Dr. Robert C. Krause. Founded in 1997 Emergency Services Consultants has provided EMS expert witness testimony and consultations across 33 U.S. states and internationally. Dr. Krause have been qualified as EMS and firefighting expert witnesses in court cases and depositions and therefore you can feel confident that our testimony, presentations, research, analysis and technical reports will provide the pertinent information that you need. Our EMS expert witness services are available to plaintiff and defense lawyers across the country.

Dr. Krause has over 38 years working in emergency services. He is currently an active paramedic, firefighter, fire officer, lecturer, researcher and published author. Outside of the courtroom and providing EMS expert witness services, he also works diligently at conducting EMS courses and presentations on the standards of care, emergency vehicle driving, proper EMS documentation, airway control and the delivery of high quality pre-hospital care.

Emergency Services Consultants is your comprehensive resource for EMS expert witness testimony and professional assistance on:

• Emergency medical services standards of care
• Ambulance driving procedures and standards
• Paramedic and EMT standards of care
• Pediatric emergency care
• Airway maintenance and intubation procedures
• Rescues and extrications
• Emergency vehicle driving standards
• Communication and dispatch procedures

From complete investigations and technical analysis to providing testimony at depositions and in court proceedings, Dr. Krause provides presentations, testimony and detailed reports which are compelling, honest, objective and are backed with expert experience.

For more information regarding our EMS expert witness services, contact us today. Below, find out what other legal professionals have been saying about our services.

"In my opinion, without his professionalism and complete and total expertise in the area of analysis of the propriety of care given by EMTs, we would not have been as successful. My client and this office will forever remain grateful that we were able to locate Mr. Krause for his invaluable assistance on the issues of liability as it applied to this EMT case."
- Mr. John H. - Attorney, San Bernardino, California

"I will be sure to highly recommend you for any paramedic cases my firm or colleagues have in the future."
-Richard S. - Attorney Chicago, IL