EMS Consulting

Emergency Services Consultants are available for lectures, training, seminars, procedural assessments and operational assessments for EMS and fire services organizations. We also consult as expert witnesses for legal or procedural matters.

Through knowledge and education provided by Emergency Services Consultants, EMS organizations can improve their safety standards, operational procedures and their patient care standards. Our number one priority is to provide training and education to first responders so that they can safely and effectively perform the tasks of their profession while adhering to superior care standards and emergency procedures.

Our EMS consulting services include:

Emergency Vehicle and Ambulance Driving Procedures and Standards: Learn how EMS professionals and first responders can arrive at emergency situations and transport patients safely. Emergency Services Consultants can educate and train your personnel on emergency vehicle and ambulance driving procedures and standards.

Emergency Medical Services, Paramedic and EMT Standards of Care: Learn the proper emergency medical, paramedic and EMT standards of care. Gain knowledge or refresh your skills in patient care, intubation procedures, airway assessments, cardiac emergencies, patient transport, oxygen administration, spinal immobilization and much more.

Pediatric Emergency Care: Pediatric emergencies provide unique circumstances and specific considerations must be made when emergency medical service personnel have to care for a pediatric patient.

Firefighting Operations: Gain insight on firefighting operations from skilled and experienced professionals. Learn specific firefighting techniques, safe driving procedures, field operations and critical thinking skills that will help your organization effectively handle firefighting emergencies.

Rescue and Extrication: Rescues are complex in nature and EMS professionals are often met with chaotic scenes. Adhering to proper rescue and extrication procedures is essential to providing superior emergency medical services.

Communication and Dispatch Procedures: Professionals who work in emergency medical services have to rely on timely, effective and relevant communication and dispatch procedures. Learn how your organization can improve communication and implement proven dispatch procedures so that there is no delay in reaching emergency situations.

Whether you're a firefighting or EMS organization who is looking for training or education services, or you're a legal professional who needs an expert consultant in firefighting and EMS cases, contact Emergency Services Consultants for more information on how we can assist you.