FireFighter Education Programs

Firefighters put their lives at risk every day while trying to protect life and property. While on the front lines, firefighters are faced with making critical decisions that affect their own safety and the safety of others. Critical thinking, safety enforcement and knowing the proper procedures to operate equipment are necessary skills to have when faced with an emergency situation. Emergency Services Consultants provide firefighting training programs and education to fire departments and organizations so that fire personnel can stay on top of the latest industry safety and procedural standards.

Emergency Services Consultants have several firefighting training courses available. All of our firefighting training courses are based on real-world experiences and information that firefighting personnel can use in the field. We believe in providing an interactive and engaging learning environment so that the audience can easily retain the knowledge that they learned and apply it on the job.

Without the proper training and education, firefighting personnel are at risk for making safety mistakes or not having confidence in their abilities when an emergency happens. Firefighters are often the first on the scene of an accident or emergency situation and the first decisions that are made can have an effect on the entire recovery or rescue operation.

Emergency Services Consultants offer the following firefighting training courses:

• Firefighting strategies and tactics
• Forcible entry techniques
• Emergency vehicle and fire truck driving
• Engine company pumping operations
• Aerial truck operations
• Rapid intervention training
• Oriented search operations
• High-rise and Stand-pipe firefighting operations
• Firefighting safety education for businesses and their employees
• Evacuation planning and education

Our firefighter and fire safety courses can be taught as lectures, presentations, seminars or in all day conference settings. Emergency Services Consultants travels across the United States and internationally to provide superior education and training to firefighting personnel and organizations.

Not sure of what training or education needs your firefighting personnel could benefit from? We can develop training programs and sessions to meet your organization's needs, along with providing personalized assessments that will help you determine which courses are appropriate for your staff.

Director Robert C. Krause has over 30 years of experience in firefighting and emergency medical services, along with work as a firefighting and EMS researcher, author, instructor, lecturer and expert witness. For more information regarding our firefighting training or to schedule a course, contact us today.