About Emergency Services Consultants

Integrity, honesty, confidentiality, dedication and experience are just a few of the beliefs that Emergency Services Consultants have built our education, training and expert witness services upon. We value being able to provide the latest education and information on emergency services, first responder, firefighting operations and training.

Our firefighting and EMS expert witness services have been utilized by plaintiff and defense attorneys and legal professionals across the United States. We have never been disqualified as an expert witness, which leaves you assured that when you need our help analyzing your case and providing expert firefighting and EMS testimony that our qualifications hold up in a court of law.


Bob Krause is the director of Emergency Services Consultants and his wealth of knowledge and experience is built on over 30 years of working in emergency services. He's an active firefighter, fire officer, paramedic, EMS instructor, firefighting instructor, lecturer, researcher and published author. He has also held positions as an Engine Company Officer, Fire Training Officer, Fire & EMS Academy Program Director, Fire & EMS Communications Supervisor, Chief of Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Medical Services Educator.


• Doctor of Education - Leadership Studies from Bowling Green State University
• Master of Science - Security Management from Bellevue University
• Bachelor of Science - Fire & Safety Engineering from the University of Cincinnati

Dr. Krause's doctoral research focused on firefighter fatalities, identifying common themes, related causes and the development of potential methods to minimize the risk of a fatal incident for firefighters. As an author, Dr. Krause's work has been published in professional journals, magazines and textbooks. He co-authored the books EMT Basic: Pearls of Wisdom and Paramedic: Pearls of Wisdom with Guy Haskell. EMT Basic: Pearls of Wisdom breaks down lessons and knowledge that's easy for EMT professionals to learn and apply to real-world incidents. The book is written though the experiences of the authors, but it also provides EMTs with quizzes and answers that will help those preparing to enter the EMT field; anyone needing a course to refresh their skills or EMT professionals looking to become an instructor and teach EMT courses.

Bob continues to provide superior firefighting and emergency medical services training and education, while also providing compelling firefighting and EMS expert witness services. He actively researches firefighting and emergency medical services issues, procedures, strategies and tactics.

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