Firefighting Expert Witness

Legal professionals who need a firefighting expert witness can be confident in selecting Robert C. Krause, Dr. Krause has qualified as a firefighting expert witness at trials and depositions, along with providing investigative services, thorough analysis of firefighting operations, strategy and tactics, Krause provides detailed reports and supporting information for legal professionals and their clients. In court, a firefighting expert witness is considered an opinion witness and therefore, it's imperative that you choose a firefighting expert who can back up their qualifications with experience and education.

Dr. Krause has worked in 33 U.S. states and internationally as a firefighting consultant and expert witness. As a firefighting expert witness, Dr. Krause can assist legal counsel and their clients in civil or criminal matters with firefighting investigations and analysis of the strategic and tactical approaches, depositions, technical reports, courtroom presentations and expert witness testimony on:

• Fire ground activities of fire crews
• Firefighter training practices
• Analysis of strategy and tactical approaches to the fire problem
• Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) operations
• Standards for firefighting operations
• Commercial and residential building fires
• Firefighting strategy and tactics
• Incident Command and the roles of the commanders
• High-rise firefighting operations
• Incident command procedures
• Rescue and extrication
• Emergency vehicle driving procedures
• Firefighting communications and dispatch procedures

Emergency Services Consultants specialize in several different aspects of firefighting expert witness areas. We are happy to discuss your specific case details with you as every firefighting and legal matter which requires the assistance of a firefighting expert witness is different.

Through our experience in emergency medical and firefighting services, we provide compelling testimony that's objective, honest and to the highest level of integrity. Dr. Robert C. Krause has over 38 years of experience working in firefighting and emergency services, including being an active firefighter, fire officer, firefighting instructor and firefighting researcher. His work has also been published in several professional journals, textbooks and magazines.

For more information on our firefighting expert witness services, contact us today. Below, you can get a glimpse of how our director has already helped numerous legal professionals with their case review or expert witness needs.

"You earned our respect with your hard work and preparedness."
- Eric P. - Attorney, Chicago, Illinois

"I can assure you that you were of great assistance in getting this case settled."
- Brian B. - Attorney, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"You were more than helpful at the trial. Mr. Lavender and I thought your overall testimony was excellent and filled a vital need in our evidentiary presentation. I will be more than happy for you to give my name as a future reference."
- Mr. Gary C. - Attorney, London, KY