Emergency Medical Services Consulting

Emergency Services Consultants provide expert research, testimony, case analysis, and investigations for emergency medical services and fire department operations. Our experts have acted as case consultants, educators and trainers; along with providing expert witness testimony, assisting in depositions and helping with investigations in emergency services and fire department operations internationally and throughout thirty U.S. states.

Legal professionals, governments and organizations that need our assistance can rely on our extensive experience and training to help with sensitive and time pressing matters. Emergency Services Consultants adhere to stringent ethical standards and we continuously conduct research and educate ourselves so that we can provide our clients with a superior level of service, while maintaining the best industry practices.

Our areas of expertise include:

• Emergency Medical Services Standards of Care
• Ambulance Driving Procedures and Care
• Emergency Vehicle Driving Procedures and Standards
• Paramedic and EMT Standards of Care
• Airway Maintenance and Intubation Procedures
• Firefighting Operations
• Rescue and Extraction
• Firefighting Communications and Dispatch Procedures

Emergency Services Consultants understand that when you need an emergency medical services or firefighting operations consultant, you need experts that you can trust and rely on. We believe in solid communication and assisting our clients in the capacity that they require. Our experts will be ready when you need us for:

• In-depth research
• Detailed reports and findings
• Expert witness testimony
• Case analysis
• Investigations
• Educational presentations
• Training and lectures

Issues pertaining to emergency medical services and fire department operations are sensitive matters that require experts which can look at the situation from an experienced, yet unbiased viewpoint.

For more information about emergency medical services and fire department operations consulting, contact Emergency Services Consultants.