Fire & EMS Personnel Management Consulting

When personnel management is operating efficiently, firefighting and emergency services organizations are better equipped to focus on the critical services that they provide. At Emergency Services Consultants, we believe that quality leadership in an organization's management plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of personnel out in the field.

Firefighting and emergency services personnel are met with stressful and chaotic situations on a daily basis. Personnel are tirelessly trained to handle a crisis at a moment's notice, but their ability to do so can be hindered by disorganization in leadership, inadequate staffing, discipline issues and personnel management problems.

Emergency Services Consultants assist firefighting and emergency services organizations with personnel management by providing quality training and lectures. Director Robert C. Krause has developed effective personnel management training and lectures for firefighting and emergency services based on over 30 years of experience working in emergency services as an active firefighter, fire officer, paramedic, firefighting instructor and emergency services instructor.

Emergency Services Consultants can assist your firefighting or emergency services organization with:

• Human resources coordination for firefighting and emergency services personnel.
• Identifying personnel management problems and provide effective solutions.
• Personalized leadership training for firefighting and emergency services managers and directors.
• Managing difficult personnel, including motivational tips created specifically for emergency services providers.
• Confidently being able to make quick decisions regarding personnel, policies and procedures.
• How to effectively assess and plan for staffing needs.
• Thoroughly assessing personnel productivity and performance.

Having the right leadership skills in place to manage firefighting and emergency services personnel will result in less stress, better organization and consistency. Your personnel will feel confident in the decisions that are being made and when issues do arise, your firefighting and emergency services managers will be better equipped to quickly resolve the situation. Being able to quickly resolve problems will lead to a staff that will be ready to act when a crisis does occur without being distracted by administrative or co-worker related stress.

Emergency Services Consultants provides personnel management training and lecturing for firefighting and emergency services organizations throughout the U.S. and internationally. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your personnel management training.