EMS Courses & Continuing Education

Continuing education is an essential part of working in emergency medical services. Even experienced EMS personnel can benefit from learning new techniques and being refreshed on knowledge pertaining to the standards of care.

At Emergency Services Consultants, we understand how important it is for EMS professionals to be properly trained and to learn based on the emergency situations that they encounter on a daily basis. For this reason, we bring real situations and examples to our teaching and combine them with proven learning techniques. From hands on training sessions to short lectures, Emergency Services Consultants share and teach information that EMS personnel can immediately learn from and integrate into their profession.

EMS personnel are not only responsible for caring for patients on the scene and during transport, but they also put their own lives at risk and in danger on the job. Our education offerings help keep EMS providers and first responders safe by teaching them ambulance and emergency vehicle driving safety and critical thinking skills that will help them make time sensitive decisions in the field.

Our current EMS courses include:

• EMS Continuing Medical Education (CME) to fit your needs
• First Responder Training
• Emergency Vehicle Driving

EMS continuing medical education is essential because EMS personnel can stay up to date with the latest advances in medical care and meet their training requirements. First responder training enhances skills and procedural knowledge so that first responders can keep themselves and the public safe while they are assisting those in emergency situations. All medical professionals should be well-informed regarding care standards and how to handle unique situations, such as pediatric care and the safe transport of patients. Emergency vehicle driving teaches first responders accident prevention and the specialized skills which are required to operate emergency vehicles.

Emergency Services Consultants provide EMS courses across the United States and also internationally. We provide our education services at your choice of location and can customize courses based on your organization's needs. Contact us today for more information.