Firefighting Lectures

Emergency Services Consultants provide firefighting training and education to fire departments, businesses and organizations in the United States and abroad. Our firefighting lectures are beneficial for learning new firefighting strategies, developing critical thinking skills, learning firefighting safety and for fulfilling firefighting continuing education.

Director Robert C. Krause has over 30 years of experience working in emergency services, including being an active firefighter, firefighting officer, firefighting instructor and paramedic. Through his real world experiences, he actively engages the audience through his lectures. Officers, managers, supervisors, fire chiefs and all levels of firefighters will gain pertinent and valuable knowledge from firefighting lectures provided by Emergency Services Consultants.

Our lectures can be customized to fit the needs of your firefighting department, business or organization. A few of the frequent topics that we have lectured on include:

• Firefighting strategies
• Firefighting tactical considerations
• Learning how to prioritize firefighting ground activities
• Decision making strategies for firefighters who are first on the scene
• Firefighter safety during high risk operations
• Critical thinking strategies for new firefighters that will help them develop essential firefighting skills that they can apply in the field
• Emergency and firefighting situational assessments
• Firefighting safety and prevention for businesses and organizations

Emergency Services Consultants believe that proper education can result in efficiently being able to execute firefighting operations safely. Students who attend our lectures are presented with complex emergency scenes and working fires which mimic situations that they encounter on their jobs. This type of education provides an opportunity for the students to gain real experience which they'll remember and be able to apply to their firefighting profession.

To schedule a firefighting lecture with Emergency Services Consultants or for more information about our firefighting education programs, contact us today.