Firefighting & EMS Expert Witness

Civil and criminal cases pertaining to firefighting and EMS related matters often require the assistance of an expert witness to help with discovery, research, testimony and to participate in depositions. Emergency Services Consultants assist attorneys, government entities and other professional organizations with firefighting and EMS expert witness services. Our profound level of experience and research in firefighting and emergency medical services gives us the ability to provide timely, accurate and technical information for your case.

An expert witness is considered a skilled professional who presents their findings or opinion without being witness to a crime or situations related to a civil matter. Since an expert witness is providing an opinion to the court, he or she must be able to prove his or her qualifications if it is requested by the opposing party's attorney. To prove that the expert witness is qualified, the court will often ask for proof of credentials or experience which shows that the expert witness has the specialized skills and training needed in order to be able to offer an opinion to the court. Due to this, it's essential for attorneys to choose an expert witness who will pass any stringent requirements and documentation that the court requests.

Emergency Services Consultants back the ability to act as an expert witness by experience, education and specialized training. Our qualifications have been upheld in court and include:

• Dr. Robert C. Krause has 38 years of experience in emergency services.
• Active emergency services roles include: Firefighter, paramedic, firefighting officer, emergency medical services instructor and firefighting instructor.
• Doctor of Education - Leadership Studies
• Master of Science - Security Management, with emphasis on Homeland Security.
• Bachelor of Science in Fire & Safety Engineering.
• International Firefighting Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) certification.

Previous positions held of: Firefighting and EMS Academy Program Director, Fire and EMS Communications Supervisor, Chief of Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Medical Services educator.

In addition to the skills, experience and certifications listed above, Dr. Krause has also written several articles which have been published in professional journals and has also co-authored a book covering the basics of EMT wisdom. Through published work, experience, education, training and certifications, Emergency Services Consultants have the proven skills and qualifications needed to provide expert witness services. Attorneys, legal systems and government entities can be confident in hiring Emergency Services Consultants. We have provided firefighting and EMS expert witness services in 30 U.S. states. Contact us today for more information.